So sorry this took awhile to put up, but I am so excited to announce that I have a partnership with library of a twentysomething. I hope you guys welcome her here. Feel free to check out her blog. I do occasionally. I'm actually headed over there soon to see her next review.

Name: Kristen
Blog: Library of a TwentySomething
Hey everyone! I'm Kristen, from Library of a TwentySomething and I am happy to be working alongside The Slytherin Book Lady as a guest blogger! I am a TwentySomething (ofcourse!) Canadian girl from a well known Southern Ontario city, Niagara Falls. As a reader I tend to drift a bit more to the Historical Fiction (World War II, mostly) as a genre but generally I would consider myself a fairly rounded reader and will pick up any book that appears to be interesting. I have a dog, Dakota and a cat, Noah and a boyfriend, Brad although the best reading (and cuddle) buddy is definitely the dog! The best book I have read in the last year would most certainly be The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah, a WWII book (ofcourse) about the resilience of two sisters working to oppose the Nazi occupation of France. I am super excited about this new partnership and am looking forward to contributing to The Procrastinate Reader!
Please feel free to visit my blog here

Love Always & Talk Soon,


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